Child abuse is a horrific crime that many people do not want to think or talk about; that needs to change. Silence is the enemy of justice, and we need to shine a light on an issue that exists in darkness.

This October, the SKCAC will celebrate its fifth anniversary and commemorate Child Abuse Prevention month with a month-long awareness-building campaign to spark conversation and bring this issue to the forefront. Major milestones of the campaign include:
  • October 1: official declaration of October as Child Abuse Prevention month in Alberta
  • October 14: launch of Hillberg & Berk jewelry collection
  • October 20: premiere screening of “A Gentleman”
  • October 23: Canadian introduction to the Lisa Project
  • October 30: donor and volunteer celebration event
  • November 1: launch of “Being Trauma Aware” online training
  • November 6: staff celebration event

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, we’re hoping to unite our community around a common mission: to work toward the day when no child or youth is abused.

We’re honoured to have found such a wonderful partner in Hillberg & Berk to stand with us against abuse in all its forms.

Through our partnership, we’re offering all three pieces of this gorgeous, exclusive, limited-edition jewelry collection for $342+GST. The collection includes:

  • Sparkle Ball Earring Studs (12 mm)
  • Sparkle Ball Bracelet
  • Sparkle Ball Necklace Cluster (18″ chain)
    • 20” or 22” chains available for an additional $5 or $10 respectively, +GST

Each piece of beautifully designed jewelry features a special MAUVE Sparkle ball, a colour exclusively available in our collection. The pieces also feature a custom tag adorned with the SKCAC and Hillberg & Berk logos. Pieces are also available separately.

100% of the proceeds of our line help the SKCAC continue to raise awareness, and provide help, hope, and healing to families who need it most.

Thank you to Hillberg & Berk for their hard work on this stunning collection and their generosity in partnering with us!

For more information and to purchase, please contact